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Tripp Pscho Shop store is good ,nevertheless…

Tripp Pscho Shop store is good ,nevertheless I will say they are to be trusted ,my order arrive yesterday safe and sound after 5days of placing it ,I live in UK and am happy
Thank you

Awesome Tripp Pscho Shop

Awesome Tripp Pscho Shop , best in the business ,thank God I visited this place before trying to order online ,everyone should order with them, they are the best in the business

Mike Lloyd

Tripp Pscho Shop the trending site to buy Mushrooms online ,I ordered too and they delivered after being scammed by other thief’s, just want to say thanks to you who write reviews about them they are indeed legit and good

Andy Guscott

Thanks to some reviews here I was able to order and receive Mushrooms from Trippy Farm, thank you guys ,they are good and delivery on point

Jane Bit
Tripp Pscho Shop the best place to buy Magic…

Tripp Pscho Shop the best place to buy Magic Mushrooms
I read some reviews here about them I tried them out and they delivered, please don’t take this down so they everyone k ows that Trippy Mushroom Farm is the best place should go shop

Loyd jicksaw

Most Trusted Site Ever they got Good Quality Product with great price

please donot Change from the Good Ways you type is rare

herman Jeremy

I ordered $1000 worth of psilocybin mushrooms from Tripp Pscho Shop and was scared, but i am Happy my Order Got here i recommend you can even check them on Google and Other Place they are reputable

Freeze icey_

probably one of the Best sites ever. i was promised Best Quality and this site did meet my standards will recommended


Was worried that the medicine wouldn’t…Was worried that the medicine wouldn’t be able to fit thru the letterbox, however no problems and I received my package promptly

Andy Geraldine

Great website

Great website . I received exactly what i ordered definitely coming back for more

Byron Brice

Yeah, I should have checked this site before I purchased some Mexicana. i am so impress i got the Package very discrete i am satisfy and i recommend

wordlord Wayne